Why Play Slot Machines?

The interest of slot machines may seem limited compared to table games with the best payout rates, such as blackjack (99% with the basic strategy) or roulette (98% by betting on single odds), and yet, it is indeed the type of game most played in French slot casino malaysia, which moreover derive 80% of their profits from it.

The reason most often given by slot machine players is the attraction of big jackpots that can change the course of their lives. A bit like the lottery, slot machine jackpots make players dream. Table games do not offer huge wins: you can multiply your roulette bet by 37 by betting on a number less impressive than jackpots multiplying your initial bet by 1000!

Do not expect to see this kind of record on slot machines every day; the previous one had been held since 1993 by a player who had won a jackpot of 8.6 million francs (1.3 million euros) in Casino of Divonnes-Les-Bains, in Ain.

Redistribution rates

While the blackjack player can easily lower the payout rate to 99.5%, while the roulette player can count on a 98% rate, slot machines only offer a rate between 85%. (minimum established by law in France) at 95% (if you are lucky): in general, casinos advertise a lot of this kind of high rate to attract customers.


Simple games

Finally, slot machines (or MAS for close friends) remain very simple games; you just have to bet the number of tokens corresponding to the number of lines you want to bet on and press the button: the interest remains limited. The adrenaline rush of seeing the right symbols line up.


The alternative: video poker

A good alternative between slot machines that can win big quickly and a bit of gaming strategy is to play video poker. This type of slot machine requires a minimum of strategy and thought to make it possible to win and also offers a redistribution rate close to 100%. This type of slot machine is very popular in Australia, particularly where Australians call them “pokies.”

The Rules Of Baccarat

Baccarat (or baccarat with a “t” in English) is usually played separately from other games in private rooms. A game intended for a certain elite, the players, are elegantly dressed, and the minimum stakes at the table are high: here is a game intended for the singapore online casino jet-set.


In general, the size of the baccarat table is equivalent to that of a crap table, with three dealers taking care of the table, which can seat up to 12 players. Each player, including the dealing player, can choose to be on the player’s side of the bank’s side. But usually, the player who deals is on the bank side.


Progress of a game

The player can bet either on the player (“player” in English), the bank (“bank” in English), or on a tie (“Tie” in English).


Two cards are dealt with the banker and the player.


The objective of baccarat is to get or come closest to a hand with 9 points with two or three cards.


Card values ​​in baccarat

Figures and tens are worth zero.


The other cards, from ace to nine, keep their face values.

When the sum of the card values ​​is a two-digit number, the unit is kept.


Example: You have a “4” card and an “8” card: 4 + 8 = 12. So your hand has a value of 2.


Payment of stakes

If your hand wins, you will be paid 1: 1: if you bet 10 euros, you win 10 euros and get back the 10 euros of your stake.


If you bet on “tie,” you will win 8 times your initial bet: if you bet 10 euros, you win 80 euros and get back the 10 euros.

If you lose, you lose your bet.


Case of “natural baccarat” 

If the total of the first two cards in hand adds up to 8 or 9, this is a natural, winning hand if the player AND the banker roll a natural, then the higher natural wins.


The third card is drawn when neither the player nor the banker has obtained a natural in the first draw.